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Hi everybody,

For those that don't know, the whole purpose behind me doing a TRIMIX course is so that I can dive these two locations, I spoke briefly to Mark (Chase) about it yesterday, and sorry Mark I was miles out on the pricing, but there you go.

The current plan is to do this in September 2004, this would give me all of this season in the UK plus most of next to get comfortable with TRIMIX, twins and all the associated bits n pieces, it is also my intention to do a trip to somewhere like the Red Sea to do TRIMIX in warm water before the end of 2003.

The next part of the cunning plan is to involve partners, be they non diving or into more normal diving. The trip out to Truk is via Honalulu or Malasia, either of which provide plenty of scope for partners to have a pretty special time also. I realise that not everybody would be happy with this, but lets be honest it is these decisions which decide whether or not you are able to do the trip.


Basically, the diving is devided into two 1 week blocks, 1 week in Truk, 1 week in Bikini. The max depth for the week is 54, TRUK IS DEEPER depths can easily get to 80M+. If you want to penitrate deep into the wrecks they want to see a cave diving qualification. They also ask for 50+ deep dives to be logged, although this is not essential (gonna have to start logging my bleeding dives again). I have heard stories of people taking 100L tins of pre-mix to Bikini, however when I phoned today they said it was not possible - curious huh. However Bikini is do-able on air, they do however have a three stage (3, 6 and 9M) trellace and Nitrox for accerlerated deco


All in (and I mean all in), for Truk and Bikini it is £5,000 (Mark my mistake was in forgetting about the flights)
for the partners it is £2,500.00. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If we get 11 people together we will get a £515.00 per person discount, Plus one free place to Bikini, and one free space to Truk , this means the divers would be paying £4,000.00 each (prices are approximate and based on 2003 pricing) the partners would get one free place reducing there's to about £2,300.00 I have spoken about children and we could get further discounts for under 11's sharing with an adult.

In order to do this and get the discount I / we would need 11 confirmed divers, all qualified, all with relevant experience. The trip would need to be booked by latest mid this year to guarentee to get the month of September which is a fantastic month for both Malaysia and Micronesia, we would all get 1 day on the way out and 5 days on the way back to be with partners.

I have 6 people interested, to be honest I can count on 4 of them, so I am looking for 7 more divers who are SERIOUS and willing to commit and pay a deposit for this trip.

It is a CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, the prices will only go one way and that is not down.

Please do not email me directly, keep all the questions on this site for all to see.

Hope you would like to join me in this adventure.

All the best,


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Hey Andy,

Sounds the nads mate. Who you booking it through? Scuba Safaris, up until recently, used to have the sole agent status for Bikini. I believe folks like DiveQuest and others may now have access to the Atoll. Truk/Chuuk has had multiple operator access for a number of years now.

Incidentally, below is the URL for 2003's intinerary options (via east and west) and a heads on what to expect.

And just to clear up a couple of things, you rightly state that you will need you cavern ticket to penetrate certain parts of the deeper wrecks. In the USS Saratoga, for instance, you can travel the length of the holds/engineroom/radio-shack etc. from entering through the section of deck that is/was the carrier's elevator/lift platform that used to lift the planes onto the flight deck.

This is now lowered so access - as long as you don't continue right inside (i.e. just descend in and keep the exist/surface visible) and you're not in an enclosed 'over-head' environment', you can have a quick swatch in slightly further, but NOT a proper penetration dive.

The Saratoga lies in between 30/35 (to the deck) and 60+ metres, so a deep air dive on twins is possible for most of the outer deck spaces (PPO2 limit of 67 metres, if memory serves) and superstructure for those without their Trimix ticket. Here's the URL with the gravy:



And you're dead right - it is the dive trip of life time - bar none, in my opinion. Believe me, if I was single, I would not hesitate at the opp and simply ask to whom I might make the cheque payable (still could being married, but don't think Fi would wear two weeks of deep wreck diving) - alas, being ringed and tagged brings its own pleasures. Be interesting to know where you got your prices. I can at least help get you a competitive quote on some or all of the gig - and no, I won't benefit from it. I just want to see at least one of our number fill his/her boots in a large way and then come back and tell us all about it. I'd even stand as bodyguard for you whilst you related the tales so that other YD'ers did try and kill you out of sheer jealousy ;)

Go for it mate. I'll think about it and try and think of a way to persuade Fiona as to the empirical benefits of diving these two sites at once. You're a bastard, you've now given me extra task-loading to 2003 ;)

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