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Right I really want to get rid of these now. Should be moving house in the next few weeks so don't want to have to carry them to the new place.

I have set of Faber twin 10's (5 and a bit years old) which were tested and O2 cleaned in Jan. They have scubatec manifold with the rubber knobs on ( Dir setup). Stainless bands of unknown make and boots for the cylinders (cut down to fit on with bands). They also have Woz knobs (for those of you that would like a fondle of the great mans knob). If you want pictures I can take them tonight.

So £170 for them (open to offers) or if you have 2 12l cylinders I would swap for those (depending on age and condition). Buyer would have to collect or I will probably be at stoney on the 4th of August.

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