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hmmm.. open circuit revisited...
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Posting this on behalf of a friend in the south.
If interested please contact Chris directly.
Contact details at bottom of mail or PM me or mobile number.


I am having a bit of a garage clearout so have a couple of cylinders up
for grabs.

10 litre 232 bar Faber twinset. Manufactured 1996. O2 clean. Tested
until August 2008. MDE isolating manifold. Fitted with unbranded
stainless steel bands and set up for standard backplate mounting. Offers
IRO £200.

12 litre 232 bar Faber single. Manufactured in 1991. O2 clean. Tested
until August 2008. MDE modular H-valve. Offers IRO £100.

Chris Pitts
Farnham, UK
email chris @ arctos.co.uk (remove spaces around @ )
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