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I use twin 20's, probably weigh about the same as twin 12/300's but have a lot more advantages.

They are very close to neutral in the water, I can get away with just a 45lb wing with two stages with them. With 12/300's that isn't going to happen, they are very negative.

They are 232bar. Mixing nitrox at 300bar is a pain and trimix is even worse. Even doing an air fill isn't easy, there are loads of shops advertising 300bar fills but in reality you only get about 260-270 after cooling. Without doing any maths I'd say they were a bit more efficient in gas use too, i.e. you can fill from a lower pressure helium bottle. For example to do 18/40 in a pair of twin 15's would need about 140-150bar in the helium bottle to start with, for twin 12/300's you'd be looking more at 170-180'ish to start.

Forget boat diving with either set, you'll never get up a ladder. The walk up the hill in Dorothea is just about doable if you had to (usually drive). Nor will anyone thankyou on a RIB if they have to pull them in! I imagine 15's aren't much more than 232/12's.
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