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<font color='#0000FF'>And as if by macic the shop keeper appeard !
Dig is right they are very heavy .
They would also be no good for rib diving, to dangerouse to try and lift on the boat.
You need to be very negative at the start of the dive, to be able to stay on a stop with empty cylinders at the end. Therefore you need a large amount of bouyancy to float the rig at the surface with full cylinders.
They are very top heavy and flip you on your back if you are not very carfull.
BUT you can do an entire days diving on one fill.
Unless you are built like Geoff Capes they are total over kill!
They weigh about the same as 3x  232 bar cylinders
Hope that helps
P.S. You will need a trolly to move them about safely

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