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<font color='#0000FF'>Hello all,

Today I tried my twin 12's with the isolator manifold, as opposed to ind. At least with some will I closed them 3 times and it's not that difficult, the only problem is, the knob is hard to turn with 200bar in twins but easier with lower presure, is this normal while using an isolator? The isolator is still new maybe it will loosen by time.

What I liked with diving with manifold, is set up, not having to change reg, you hoses can be more clean (DIR style). An other thing anyone here uses SAcubapro MK20\25 first stages? If yes, and you use a double inflator wings, how you route your hoses( I use 1 pressure gauge, 2 2nd stages, 2 inflators), pics may help a lot.



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Hi Pierre,

I think a few of the guys have had problems with..  well how can I put this.. umm "A stiff knob".

Apparently this has been remedied by dismantling and re lubing it.  I am sure I have even seen comments from guys who have had this proble with brand new isolators (So buying new is no guarentee).

Also I think certain manifolds are prone to it - possibly scubapro?

I think Andy Hayhurst (Dalesdiver) has shown a couple of the guys how to sort this out.

Hope that helps

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Sounds like you havent got a ballanced Manifold. The MDF ones stay prety constant no matter what the fill presure. The unballanced Buddy ones get harder and harder the more gas thats in them.

I have both and I know which one I will choose in the future


Mark Chase
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