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I have built numerous twinsets in search of the perfect config. I believe that the perfect set is:

Heiser 12's
Agir Brokk bands
V4-tec Manifold

Unfortunately I have managed to dodge that particular set-up and now dive sets of Heiser 12's with Agir bands and manifolds - but the slugs in the manifolds are coated in some horrible green flakey crap that bungs up the action on the valves. V4-Tec are pure brass and much better.

Highland Mills bands are nice as are V4-Tec and SDS.

Faber cylinders are too short and neck heavy for my liking but plenty of people get on with them.

I'm sure people will be along soon to tell you that MDS manifolds are the only way forward but I'm not so sure (they are good but not without their draw backs design wise).

The CD TDB is not a wing I'd recommend (I used to own one), unless you are doing serious solo diving that justifies that level of redundancy and complexity. I had more issues generated by it's 'features' than I have had in the 6 wings I have owned since. Keep it simple - less to go wrong...


The CD TDB is a single bladder wing with the option of double bladder so the comment on the need for redundancy is not necessarily warented.

I dived a TDB (Single bladder) on OC and had a total of zero problems. I recently bought one to replace the wing on my CCR and I am pleased to have it back. I dived the TDB with everything from a single 12 up to twin 15s and three 10ltr stages. It worked well with all configs. Its a very very versitile wing.

MDE manifolds don't have problems and have zero "design issues". This is a total myth that dosent relate to the MDE design in any way. What MDE do do is work brilliantly regardless of tank pressure. They are by far the best manifold available. I role on the floor laughing at the arguments that if people keep their Scuba pro, Agair Brock, Halcyon, SDS etc etc manifolds regularly striped and lubed, the action on the valves is nearly as good as a MDE. I never once had an MDE apart and i used to blow my 235bar tanks up to 250 -260 bar almost every dive and still the MDE remained silky smooth and easy to turn regardless of the pressure. When i tried this on a SDS manifold (Halcyon type) I thought the damed thing was broken, it was so hard to turn.

Heiser's are damed heavy tanks but there is nothing wrong with them. Only reasion to get Heisers is to get rid of lead on the weight belt or because you baught the wrong wing and had to get tanks to suit it :D (Fabers dont work well with the new Halcyon wing i am told)

Highland mill bands are excellent so at least we have some common ground :D

TDBi s a great wing the CD backplate is fantastic and the most flexible combination of plate and wing out there. The CD harness is a love it or hate it thing. Its fussy and fiddly but it works well.


Mark Chase
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