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<font color='#000080'>Having received my bands and associated shiny bits can you advise on the assembly.

I have the following.

2 x locking nuts,
2 x normal nuts
2 x threaded rods
2 x washers
2 x split locking washers
2 x butterfly bolts.

I am keen to put it together myself,  I will get a final check over done on it at my LDS when I get the cylinders filled.

Also I have been advised to fit the manifold first (loosely), then the bands and when everything is true and the right height, tighten the manifold.


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<font color='#0000FF'>Hi

There are a few sites on the web I think DiveRite's site has a good detailed explanation although a bit OTT.

Lay cylinders down on flat surface. I assume manifold is greased etc.
Fit manifold and ensure that both ends are threading simultaneously. Each time it becomes hard to turn you must level the cylinders by pushing other ends together. Do not strain the manifold ever ever ever !!
When you have the manifold screwed in enough fit the top band. Band should be right at the crown.

Don't tighten band too much, finger tight will do. As you tighten band you may have to rotate manifold to increase/decrease distance between tanks. I don't know the length of the bolts you have but the butterfly screws will fit on the inside of the twins inside the groove. Normal bolts are on the outside of the tanks so as not to have a tanglement issue. Highland bands come with proper bolts. OMS bands come with a length of threaded rod which will need cutting.

Now fit the lower band, ensuring that the distances are right, use a backplate to measure. I use a ruler to ensure that the distance between the bands is exactly the same.

Tighten up bands but not too tight. The manifold should be able to turn about half a turn each way. If the manifold cannot turn they are misaligned or the bands are too tight.

When you fill the cylinders they will expand and the manifold will then become more difficult to turn. As the cylinders empty the manifold becomes easier to turn. I do not tighten manifold locking nuts so it can turn if you bump anything.

Again, thats just a quick guide. The diverite site has more detail. Theres also some info on http://www.cisatlantic.com/trimix/tools.htm

That should give you enough for a start. Its not very difficult but make sure you take your time.


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