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Quote[/b] (Wacker @ April 21 2003,17:37)]

setting up my twins but how far down the cylinders do you put the first band ?
I notice most sets of 12L seem to be at the point where the flat of the cylinder starts is this the best place to start or is it because that is he highest they can go ?

Well......., there is no rule etched in stone for such a height. But, you have to be able to reach the manifold, so too low isn't good. If you set the tanks too high, you will be unbalanced when you are on the surface and can be pushed face down.

I managed to get my LOWER band about 3 inches from the curved base of the tank. This works for me, doesn't mean it's the right height for you. Some people cannot stand the valves hitting them in the head some others can't reach, etc.

Take care

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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