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Hi All,
After not diving much in the last year (just once actually!) I've decided its time to part with my much loved Twin Set.
Its all great stuff in great condition
As listed below but if there is anything I've missed then please ask away...

Twin 10L 232bar Faber Stainless Steel Cylinders

MDE Manifold

Custom Divers Slob Knob, Stainless Steel Twin Valve Protector & Stainless Twinning Bands with D Rings

Halcyon 40lb Wing with Stainless Steel Inflator

Halcyon Stainless Steel Backplate & Fully Adjustable Harness

A false break buckle has been added to this harness for ease of removal in tight spaces but can easily be taken out. Numerous D Rings & Snoopy loops etc.

V Weight (cant remember the weight of this but its the smaller one from Silent Planet!)

Poseidon Cyklon 1st & 2nd Stage Reg with Long Hose & Apex Drysuit Inflator Hose

Poseidon Cyklon 1st & 2nd Stage Reg with Bungee Necklace, Wing Inflator Hose & Scubapro Compact SPG.

Cylinders are now out of test

Its currently near Bury St Edmunds but I travel down to London, Herts & Essex for work so could possibly deliver...
I have lots more pictures!
Offers over £600 please
I dont really want to split it unless I really have to so its for sale as a complete unit.


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