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Well, i've harped on about it for a long time so i feel obliged to sort out a trip report. Sorry if this goes on a bit i'll keep it as short as possible but for anyone who knows me that won't be easy.:teeth:

A bit about the trip in general:- We dived with CyDive based in Paphos, fantastic service and a great bunch of guy's.

We had originally planned to do a total of 5 dives but managed to sneak an extra "cheeky" dive!

DIVE 1, Pascals Reef off Paphos.

First problem was the swell, the seas were better of Plymouth a month ago. At one stage i was expecting George Cloony coming over the next wave on a trawler. I was feeling a bit on the sick side but decided to carry on with the dive. I was a bit light on getting in so had to hang around on the line while the skipper passed me a couple of extra kilos, from then no problem descending!

Swam around what was basically a circular sandbank, due to swell we were unable to visit the usual caves and swim throughs but a good time UW anyway.

Back on the boat was awful, I really thought a second viewing of my brekkie was on its way but, being a tight git i kept it in!

On the walk back to the centre i found out one of the guys on this dive is also a YD'er but as I wasn't on top form I forgot to ask his name, never mind i'm sure he'll be along sometime.

Dive Time 38mins
Depth 29.9mtr
Viz approx 20 mtr

DIVE 2 Zenobia

For this and the next dive we were aboard the Zenobia Queen, an ex London Fire boat.

We dropped into clear water and descended the anchor to to the stern of the Zen then dropped over the side to have a look at the prop before dropping into the cargo bay and had a look at the lorries both on the bed and still anchored to the deck. These really put the size of the Zen into perspective, they're bloody huge!!

As we were on Nitrox we stayed under a while longer than the others in the group and took a lot of photo's of the extensive marine life.

Dive time 34mins
Depth 33.5mtr
Viz 30mtr+

DIVE 3 Zenobia

After a good SI we again dropped down the anchor line this time dropping onto the Bow of the Zen, We penetrated the Bridge and the Canteen. Apart from the inside of the Stanegarth this is the first wreck penetration i've done and although a very sterile environment it was still enough to raise my heartrate!It is made all the more exciting by the fact that she sits at about 90 degrees to the bed so nothing is as it should be. It's also strange to see Coca Cola machines and the like still in place!

At this end of the Zen we saw the most marine life including Grouper, Single and Double banded Bream in massive shoals, Peacock Bream, Scorpion Fish, Fire Caterpillers and loads of others that i haven't a clue what they were!
Another excellent dive and, after ascending the line it was back on board for dinner!

Dive Time 43mins
Depth 29.6
Viz 30mtr+

DIVE 4 Shore dive of Paphos Harbour.

This was the cheeky dive. We had arranged for my mates son and his mate to do a Discover Scuba course and were originally going to snorkel; with them and take photo's but at the last minute decided to stick cylinders on our backs and dive with them. My mates lad had a recurrence of an ear problem and had to abort so i stayed with the group and enjoyed a gin clear gentle plod!

Dive Time 23mins
Depth 4.5mtr
Viz 30mtrs+

DIVE 5 Zenobia.

This was my 50th dive and what a place to do it:teeth: :teeth: :teeth:

Pretty much the same details as dive 2 but with not so good Viz as it was a bit like Stoney on a weekend and the muck had been kicked up a bit by the time we got down but still a cracking dive never the less.

One highlight of this dive was the unique descent method of one member of our group, if you can imagine a marine crossing a high rope by hooking his feet over the rope then moving along it hand over hand you've pretty much got the picture!

Dive Time 42mins
Depth 34.1mtr
Viz 20mtr

DIVE 6 Zenobia

Again pretty much same as dive 3 with similar problems as previous dive. Penetrated Bridge and Canteen. I managed to get stuck going into canteen as my weights had slipped round the front a bit (coupled with my rotund physique!) but soon sorted it.

We had yet another highlight on this dive from the same guy. As the signal to descend was given he proceeded to take up a heads down position with his legs in the air and then kicked fresh air, me and my buddy in the hope of descending, This guy has logged over 350 dives!!! Still it takes all sorts I suppose.

Dive Time 43min
Depth 29mtr
Viz 20mtr.

So, thanks once again to all at CyDive especially Marie who was our guide on the Zen both days, you couldn't ask for a better, friendlier more professional dive guide! Sorry I didn't get to meet Cydiver (Matt) but we had a bit of a problem with the bus after the last dive (nothing to do with CyDive!) and so we were a bit late back and we had a meal booked back at the hotel.

If anyone is going to cyprus diving give CyDive a go, I can't say if they are the best on the island but IMO they give value for money coupled with a helpful, friendly, professional service!

Sorry if this went on a bit but I did warn you:embarassed:

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Great report mate I said it was a cracker, my best memories of my dives [apart from looking up at my kids snorkeling above her] was swimming in between the lorries and hanging a few metres off the bow thruster looking at the wreck.

Congratulations on your 50th

Safe diving,

P.S. where are the pictures? ;)

No longer a Scapa Virgin
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P.S. where are the pictures? ;)
They'll be along soon, as I took over 500 it's going to take a while to find a good 'en :embarassed:
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