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Two new great Scapa books are out now, the first,

Scapa Flow dive Guide. By Lawson Wood
''This is the most comprehensive guide to diving the reefs and wrecks of Scapa Flow and contains a wealth of previously unpublished material''

This is a good book with some great photo's and multi beam images of the fleet wrecks. It is available from AquaPress.co.uk - diving books, underwater photography books and information about scuba diving and snorkelling at 15.99

The second is a reprint of the VERY rare ''Scapa and a camera'' first printed in 1921 a short re run of 550 copies have been printed by the Orcadian bookshop. this is not a cheap book at 38.50 but has some great historic photos of the fleet, Lyness and other places in Orkney.

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