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I am selling a Ladies Typhoon drysuit, as it doesn't fit me properly anymore and I am raising some funds to go on more dive trips :p

This would make a great first time dry suit for anyone looking to stay a bit warmer and drier, especially with the Winter drawing closer.... also for the upcoming August Bank Holiday which should offer some great diving opportunities around the UK.

Essential facts about this Drysuit

1. It's made from Tri-Laminate so you can wear extra laters/weezle/etc underneath depending on your cold factor

2. It's in the black and purple style and is still in very good condition overall - still got all of the colouring (not old and faded like some others) and no damage, rips or scuffing.

3. It features a shoulder auto-dump (variable by turning it so you can easily control how much air will escape through movement). This is working just fine.

4. Internal seams are doubled taped for dryness and abrasion resistance. It has also had AquaSure applied to stop any leaks.

5. Adjustable waist means you can have a little more or less room in there if you have extra layers (or just a big meal the night before ;)).

6. Brass back zip is still in excellent condition and I will even give it a good waxing before sending it to you.

7. Apex valves to connect your hose - the little rubber cap is missing though - although to be fair this seems to happen to everyone's after a few times of using it :)

8. Latex seals on the neck and wrists. I have recently had the neck seal changed, so this is brand new and in excellent condition - it is also uncut - which means you can try it on and cut it to your desired width to ensure a comfortable fit and no leaks! The wrist seals are also very small (I have tiny wrists) so plenty of room to cut these too.

9. The drysuit also has a neck collar around the neck seal for extra warmth.

10. The boots have been changed as the originals were way too big for me - the boots that are now on there are Size 5 boots and very durable and hard wearing.

11. Comes with inner braces to help keep it in place (these can be removed if desired)

Measurements of this Drysuit

I believe this is a Size Medium and the boots are Size 5.

Inside leg to top of boot - 60cm
Inside leg to bottom of boot - 85cm
Waist (adjustable) - 90cm
Arm length (neck to cuff) - 65cm
Chest (measured just above inflator) 130cm
Zip Length - 70cm

Other important stuff

I can send this using a courier so plenty of time to get it sent to you before the August Bank Holiday, or, if you are in the Bristol or South West Wales area then you could always arrange to collect in person etc.

Before using a dry suit for the first time please make sure you have some training on how to use it - you need to be able to manage your buoyance and the air inside the suit to avoid any incidents so you have safe diving

Give me a shout if you have any questions or interested in buying...

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