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In response to the results on the poll on "under water failures" :-

Obviously it is impossible to draw any conclusions from a poll only entered so far by 38 divers (at time of this post) however, even so, I am suprised by the percentage of terminal failures (during a dive) amongst a small group of people.

Even allowing for the fact that there is no detail of the number of dives undertaken by those who took part in the poll (which would give a better perspective of things) I still expected the failure percentage to be much much lower.

There is the chance that the kit failure may have been due to mis-use (e.g. someone lifts your gear by the first stage/hoses) or damage which perhaps could/should have been noticed before the dive. I am casting no aspersions I only say maybe.

The only safe conclusion to draw is that kit failure obviously does happen. Check that kit often and be prepared for the worst.

Poll choices Votes Statistics
O rings. 3  [7.89%]
First stage. 3  [7.89%]
Second stage. 6  [15.79%]
HP Hose. 2  [5.26%]
LP Hose. 0  [0.00%]
Cylinder. 0  [0.00%]
SPG. 1  [2.63%]
Swivels. 2  [5.26%]
90 degree "elbows" etc. 0  [0.00%]
No kit failure. 21  [55.26%]
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