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<font color='#0000FF'>Might not actually be from them. Many worms 'spoof' the sender's e-mail address, making it seem as though it came from people who may not be infected at all.

Is it the W32/Doom-A worm? Our IT department has been firing off warning e-mails and security patches for it today.

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Yeah true just letting people know if you get an email from them today it might be dodgy its .co.uk as well not .com got in a muddle.

Below is a copy of the info from my I.T. dept. **** are were iv removed top secret company info  

The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment.

------------------  Virus Warning Message ****************

grj.zip is removed from here because it contains a virus.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------  Virus Warning Message (on *************)

Found virus WORM_MIMAIL.R in file grj.scr (in grj.zip)
The file is deleted.

Iv had it from another source as well. Some car web site iv never been on?



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<font color='#0000FF'>i recieved 30 e-mails with test..remove..or hi as title some with 32k size,just binned them.hope none where legit....

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<font color='#000080'>i keep on getting emails from some virus catcher saying they've caught an infected email from paypal.  it's been one or two a day for ages, but i haven't had any this week so fingers crossed they've stopped

i checked with paypal and they said it wasn't from them (though funnily enough as soon as i got onto paypal the emails stopped.....  

below is what i get.... any ideas?


The MessageLabs SkyScan Anti-Virus service discovered a possible virus
or unauthorised code (such as a joke program or trojan) in an email sent
to you.

The email has now been quarantined and was not delivered.

Please read the whole of this email carefully.  It explains what has
happened to your email, which suspected virus has been caught, and
what to do if you need help.

To help identify the quarantined email:

The message recipients were

The message senders were
   [email protected]

and they have been notified that they have sent a potential virus.
The message title was IMPORTANT                                           vcnneoaa
The message date was (empty)
The virus or unauthorised code identified in the email is
       Found the W32/[email protected] virus !!!

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<font color='#000080'>The current "biggie" viruses that are doing the round have the ability to "spoof" email addresses, some can spoof whole addresses, others (like MyDoom) use genuine domain names, but spoof the persons name.
Whenever you think you have a computer virus, or receive a message warning you that a virus is doing the rounds, or has been caught in a message to or from you, check out one of the leading anti-virus companies virus libraries.
(I work for McAfee, so here is the link to McAfee Virus Information Library (VIL))
Simple advise is keep your anti-virus software up-to-date (on average, McAfee release 2-3 updates per week, if you haven't updated recently, do it now!


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I had 58 emails this morning - 55 related to this latest poxy virus.

Information and a removal tool are available from Symantec. As far as I know this can be downloaded by anybody (if you do make sure you read the info on how to use the removal tool).

Another person in my black book under the list of people I'd like to give a 'kin good hiding to. Wouldn't it be great to buddy some novice only to find out they were a spammer or virus writer
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