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Using Paypal

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I said before that I wouldn't use Paypal, but having said on the Just Giving thread that we should give people as much choice as possible, I'm happy to change that if there are no objections.

The fees for a £15 transaction amount to £0.71 and withdrawal fees amount to £0.25 if the balance is under £50.00. So if only one person paid by paypal I'd have to pay to withdraw the cash, so I propose charging £1 extra if people want to use Paypal, which wil cover the transaction fee and any potential withdrawal fees. If more than 3 people pay that way, there is no withdrawl fee and we'll have made a few pennies extra for the RNLI :)

I know this leaves the potential for people to pay by Paypal and pay the wrong amount, but I can deal with that easily enough.

Any objections, or potential problems I've missed?

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Nope, go for it!
Well that's quite conclusive. So far 19 shirts ordered by 14 people, 6 people (9 shirts) have paid via paypal and paid the extra £1 themselves, it seems the convenience of Paypal is worth paying a quid extra for!

Worth beairng in mind for anyone else thinking of flogging stuff for the charity.

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