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UWAETEC/SCUBA PRO unit, NEVERLOST. This is a LIGHTLY USED SPARE unit. I am 60 and not diving as much. However, this unit will allow you to swim up the anchor line of the boat every time!. The large unit takes 6 "C" batteries, you hang it from the anchor line where it sends out a continuous stream of "pinged". The divers side of this unit picks up the signal, you move until you get the strongest sigal, and you are told how far from the anchor line in feet or meters. It has never failed me and NO long surface swims. These are no longer made, but are recognized by Scuba Pro.
Weights - 3 ankle - ie one pair and a spare £10
4 loose 2kg blocks £10
7 lloose 1kg blocks £10
Good belt with 2 x 2kg and 2 x 1kg £20
Good belt with 2 x 2kg two of £15 each
2 loose 3kg blocks £15
Good belt with 2 x 3kg £25
Weight pouch belt 10kg £30
Good belt £5

2 steel 5L nitrox EANx tanks for a twin set (out of test) £75 pair
2 steel 3L ponies (out of test) £30 each worth EBay ing??
1 steel 10L £45 (out of test)
All tanks are out of test

Dry suit - northern v Diver large (fair condition) with thermal liner £125
Small to medium dry suit same make in good condition £125

Suunto compass £25 (new it’s £100)
Another compas with knackered strap £5
Size 10 - 12 old fins £3
Dive bag £10

2 reels £10 each

Tech diver clamp and converter x 2 £50
Kowalski dive torch x 2 with chargers £15 each. Worth
Surface to air noise maker - hammerhead £20.
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