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Can anyone help me with the problems with my Frontera (2.0d RS)

Last night the ****ing alarm went off at 2am, went out - nothing around, so pressed the open/alarm off button on the remote

Alarm stops, then the power sounder starts bleeping and then the alarm starts going off ven though the car is unlocked and alarm disabled

This seems to be a problem with the power sounder... Looked around on the web - seems to be a common problem but couldn't find a solution other than "take it to the garage and hand over £250 or so"

Anyone got any ideas:
1. How to get to the bloody thing - seems to be under the n/s/f wheel-arch
2. What to do when I get to it
3. Any other suggestions?



Just not enough dive time.
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Nick, my bike alarm/immobiliser went belly up last week, thought about ripping it out myself but was advised against it as its all interlinked to the wiring loom etc. I contacted the alarm makers they put me in touch with an agent and the rip out cost was minimal (£50) so about an hours work at a guess. The bike was totally immobilised too so had to get it towed in (an extra £35)

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