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· 14-9-09
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Someone from our club is selling a Panasonic VHS-c camcorder and housing for £250.

Is it worth it as an entry into video or should I save up and go digital?

The camera and housing are big and heavy so would not be suitable for taking by plane, and has no lights so would it be usable in the UK.

Any thoughts anyone please
If you'd posted a year and a half back I would have said "Yeah, why not - cheap and chearfull and if you flood it its not too big a deal". However, with so many really good deals on cameras and housings I would say go straight for the digital (3 x CCD). The bottom line is; Whatever you buy, you will be chasing the tail of technology for evermore... its HD now but what's around the corner - best to invest in a quick-draw holster for the Visa card:) Regards,

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