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We dived Scapa again this August and here is the entry that I put in the visitors book.

AM check out dive on the Markgraf  (47mtrs)  PM tried to dive the James Barrie which ended up as a Pentland Firth drift dive, after this dive one of our party didn't feel to good, he had pins and needles in both arms, we decided that sleep was the best option and that we would not worry the skipper, the rest of us went to the Pub. On reflection the Markgraf was probally a bit deep for a checkout dive.

Just about to enter the water when we realised that one of our party was not with us, we didn't want to delay the dive so entered the water.
After the dive we checked our mate and found that both his arms were paralysed, decided that he must have slept in a funny position, rolled he over and let him sleep a bit longer, still didn't notify skipper, we didn't want to worry him.

Day 3
We stuffed a football into the neck and bottle into the wrists of our mates drysuit, inflated it and put some gear on it so that the skipper would not notice that one of us was missing.
Had a great evening in the pub, paid for by my mate who gave me his wallet, he muttered something about telephone number of next of kin, l thought I'd ring after the pub but forgot.


Day 5
AM missed diving because of funeral.
PM, fantastic dive on the Koln, best dive so far.

Day 6
AM uneventful dive.
PM missed dive because we had a bit of a quayside car boot sale of nearly new diving equipment.

What a great trip, the best casualty rate ever had on a trip.
Due to ever decreasing numbers our club is looking for new members. Full training given.

As l said above this is what l wrote in the visitor's book, it didn't really happen.

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Sign me up now, sounds like my kind of club.

Just one question though, Did the profits from the boot sale get an even split?

We had a similar case in Cornwall a couple of years ago, but he survived cos we stopped looting his kit long enough to put him on O2.


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