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A diving buddy informs me that Vivian is soon to reopen after the last owner did a runner. Might be some time but alledgedly includes plans to develop.

Welcome back (hopefully) to the jaccuzzi !!!!!
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keep us posted, i have promised to take bethi in for some more dry suit familiarisation once it re-opens.
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apparently vivien quarry is up for tender and i belive that there are 4 parties interested in it,iv'e spoken to one party and they intend to put more training platforms in, also make a entry point nearer the arch that u walk through,they will also be putting in a decent air compressor to get fills and probably changing rooms with showers etc.generally speaking this site could become a decent training facility and if your lucky you can make 20 metres if you lie in the hole near the knome hut.oh i almost forgot they also are going to change the steps for getting out by putting in something more user friendly.
hope this appeals to a few people.

cheers gilbert
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<font color='#000080'>The new steps sounds good. Those poxy little swimming pool steps they have are useless - but a source of much amusement.

Early this summer was our last visit and the water level was a little low, which meant those steps bearly got into the water. My dive buddy is only 5'2" and simply couldn't get her feet on the bottom rung.

After many minutes of screaming "f*cking, b*stard steps!" at the top of her voice, oblivious to the onlooking group of dear old ladies walking their dogs, she finally had to give up, de-kit and allow us to haul her out! Not dignified at all!

Glad it may come back - a more reliable option than Dotty if you get blown out at the coast after a long trip over.
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