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Volcano footprint?

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Has anybody herd of or know of the estimated level of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere by the irruptions in Iceland?
The answer may equate to twelve months of air travel.
This may be the real reason for the recent ban in air travel.????
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Aren't "we" meant to be preventing man-made climate change? This is entirely natural!
So is flatulance and the farmers get the blame not the cows. :D
Whilst I have sympathy for those effected by this Volcanic eruption,especially the Icelanders,the skies have been fantastically clear the last few days despite the ash clouds. It's a pity as it looks likely to be business as usual tomorrow. Ah well all good things come to an end !
See here for some folks who asked the same question!

Planes or Volcano?

Seems like planes are worse....and that's just in Europe.
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As above thanks and an answer to a question that has rattled about in my head for a while.
I think we need a volcano tax to help the planet! - bloody Commies.

: )
On the other hand I heard somone being interviewed yesterday who had been stuck in Helsinki and had taken trains via Stockholm, Dortmund, Calais etc to get home. He'd worked out that his carbon footprint for the journey was nearly identical to if he'd flown back.
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