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Have you seen the great dive site boards at sites around Dahab?
(heres a pic of the old style, my pics of the updated versions taken last week were rubbish) They were put up by Ian Penberthy, a “venerable Australian” with his volunteer group. Ian is no longer in Dahab but his work continues with the Volunteer Rangers.

The Volunteer Rangers are a mix of Egyptian and foreign dive professionals taking time out from their day jobs to survey the reefs for damage, clean up the beaches and reefs and give talks about local marine life in Tota (the bar shaped like a boat). In recent months they have laid out buoys to mark single sacrificial routes to the Eel Gardens and Islands sites.

The rangers have recently been awarded EU funding for an education program focussing on fishing on the local reefs. I was told that the Bedouin are the only people allowed to fish along the coast at Dahab, and then only for enough fish to feed their families. Unfortunately as you walk along the beach front of Dahab in the early evening you will see reef species on the ice trays. While we, the tourists, still eat these there will always be an incentive for the fishermen to catch more than just for your family and enjoy the cash while they can.

As holiday divers in the area we owe a great debt of gratitude to Ian and the Volunteer Rangers so next you visit the area why not put something back?

The reef survey work and clean up work depends on donated equipment – maybe you have something you could leave with them. You could donate some time taking part in a clean up making the reefs better for all divers, or help circulate leaflets or posters. If your dive club or shop is organising a trip to Dahab then let everyone know about Volunteer Rangers and the work they do before you travel.

And most important, when you are there, being offered a succulent plate of grilled fish, ask where it has come from before you choose to buy.

Here is this month's newsletter which contains contact email and phone numbers.
There is some further information about them on Information about Dahab: Dahab Red Sea – unfortunately they do not control the content and it is now quite out of date. I was told a new website is in the making.
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