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I won a voucher for a new Otter drysuit costing up to £850 (should include a MTM Brittanic!!) but wasn't planning on a new suit, happy with my 6 yr old Otter (until last week when it seemed to have sprung a leak - have black witched it & will test it next week, watch this space), in fact it had new boots & zip last year.
The voucher expires in Nov 07, so I'll get a new suit myself if I don't get a good enough offer - ideally from someone who was planning on getting an Otter anyway, then I can save you money while you do me a favour!!
John senior at Otter is happy for me to sell the voucher - I was trying to persuade him at LIDS to let me use it on buying a wing, twins & regs but no go, so I've had to shell out cash on those!!

Anyway, I'm off to Cornwall tomorrow, so don't expect a reply before Fri if you pm me an offer!
Cheers, Lindsey
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