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Wanted: A pair of Pillar valves, and FS Custom Divers slob knob.....

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I took my twin 12's (Faber, old MDE manifold), to be O2 cleaned and for a replacement pillar valve (this is the set that fell out of the car at Stoney and landed on it's head, and then I did a dive on them!), but winded up walking out of the shop with them as got told that MDE don't make these pillar valves anymore (they only make for the new design manifold), and that the other pillar valve would cause a fail anyway on the next visual (honest of them and good check, :thumbsup: Barracuda).

So, the options left open is to see if I can get a pair of second hand pillar valves (to go with the manifold), or to see if I can pick up 2 normal pillar valves and then give* these to my OT who dives twindependents and wants to try 12's.

Also, depending which way I can go with this, a Custom Divers slob knob came with the set, but I don't get on with it, so will be putting that up for sale once I've taken it off and inspected it all.

Thanks for reading and hope someone has some valves that need a good, loving home! :shade:


* give? :eek:mg:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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