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Wanted Dive buddy(s) leeds

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Hi there,

I am a rescue diver currently wanting to meet pontential buddies from the Leeds Area.
I am already in contact with 1 Buddy who lives just round the corner from me..
Although cant dive every weekend together.
I also have transport problems alternate weeks.
Looking to join in a car share as well as diving up capernwray and stoney cove.
I am currently buying and hiring gear..
I am willing to hire gear every week and particiapate in diving every week if weather and transport conditions persist..
If anyone has any info on local dive clubs in leeds, I would love to hear from you..
I would not mind diving this week if anyone is going.
Current buddy is unable to dive this week.

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hello sean

im not too far away from you in dewsbury.  we get off every week just about so give us a shout ro watch this space...

07779 834829
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Yeah - I'm up for a bit of that too Sean (also got some kit for sale if you're interested!!). I live in Wakefield and dive with 2tanx on a more than regular basis. We car share every dive so we can come to some arrangement no doubt.
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Hey Sean,

There are a ruck of divers on here in your area so you should be squared away pretty damned soon for abuddy or five. Good luck mate and look forward to seeing you on a dive soon.

Oh, and check out Jay's offer of kit for sale and the Personal Ads section on here, there's always kit on the move at the right price.

Dive safe.
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hi there

I am also interested in going diving asap.  Can do during the week / weekends - but only for the next couple of weeks as moving to South America for a year.
Am a marine bio and marine mammal medic and instructor - dont mind where i dive just want to get in the water before i go
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