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As it says above.

I would like to pick up a spare body for my D90. They are currently on rebate, which means I can pick up a brand spanking new one for £559. I'm quite happy to go for this, as it means I get a nice shiney one, with 2 years warranty on it.
And it has to be a D90, I want a matched pair (both need to fit the housing)
I don't need any lenses, I have more than enough. Although another battery grip wouldn't go amiss, but that's not essential.

The rebate ends on 30th April, so if I haven't had any joy here by next weekend, I will pick one up new.

I know there is always EBlag, but thought I would have an ask of the YD masses first.

Maybe you have recently upgraded, or are thinking about it?
Or committed a mortal sin and switched brands ;)

Obviously I am flexible on price, depending on;
  • Condition
  • Boxed or not
  • No. of Shutter actuations
  • Accessories (spare batteries etc.)


1 - 3 of 3 Posts