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I am posting this on behalf of Rob Dobson who is diving off the south coast today and tomorrow and off to the Maldives this weekend - git.

As some of you know he has a little interest :) in X-Scooters and he has the only CSI X-Scooter in the UK and is taking it to the Maldives this weekend. However, he has a little snag. Despite him asking Dive Xtras for the PAL model, the CSI delivered to him is a NTSC version due to economies of scale (they wanted something like a minimum order of 1000 to make the PAL detectors in the front camera).

In addition, the DV camcorder that Rob has bought does not have an NTSC in and he thinks this is why the picture is not being recorded on the camcorder. The video camera in the scooter will link to his telly and produce a picture okay but when fed to the camcorder (being used as a video recorder), then the picture is not produced.

He has bought a NTSC camcorder from Ebay but he is not sure if it will arrive before he goes. Therefore does anyone have an NTSC DV camcorder which has an AV in (essential) which Rob could borrow for his trip to the Maldives. If so, can you drop me a PM and I will send you Rob's mobile number and you can chat.

Can anyone help?
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