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I am looking for a veecam.
anyone got one for sale
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Yep! Where are you? How much are you willing to pay? Drop me a PM.
Right then Dean what's the score?

You've only posted twice on here, both times asking if people have items to sell. Firstly a LiquidVision Computer and then a VeeCam.

You sent a PM in response to my post then I discussed the VeeCam with you on the phone and sent you photos as requested. I then sent you a PM detailing what I wanted for it (well below the market price) but said that as I didn't know you and you were unknown to me by reputation I would rather use YD post than send an £800 piece of equipment by post because if it got lost there would be ill feeling.

I've had no reply.

Now I'm sure you're a good guy, your a diver after all, but there's also the remote possibility that you're a professional distance buyer who is just unlucky and often finds posted items don't arrive!

At the very least a quick PM or response to the thread saying - "thanks all the same but I've changed my mind" would have been polite and set my (and other people's) mind at rest! Regretabbly I'm going to have to Red you and hope others take just as cautious approach when responding to your requests.
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Hi Don,

Sorry i haven't come back to you on your VeeCam - i am not one of these people who sits on my computer 20 hours of each & every day. Besides this has been the very last thing on my mind recently, after an unexpected turn of events for me.

Again, i am sorry you feel this way and felt the need to 'red' me. Im not a professional distance buyer - whatever that may be! I did buy a Liquivision computer, for my own use.


p.s. thanks again for the red bars!
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