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I need your help and suggestions,

I run the Community Website for St. Abbs, a place which you will all know as a popular diving area. To complement the St. Abbs Diving Information section of our website (http://www.stabbs.org/diving/ I have been considering developing a WAP (mobile phone) condition reporting system. This would allow anyone with a WAP enabled mobile phone to report on the current sea state, visibility and temperature, while they are at St. Abbs. And anyone with web access or a WAP enable phone to read those reports, thus possibly saving you an early rise, a long drive and a lot of dissapointment.

After spending some time working on the system I have came to the conclusion that the best method of entering information would be a set of multiply choice questions. I would therefore like your suggestions for what these questions should be. Set out bellow are the current questions I am considering.

Question 1. What is the current sea state?
Choices: Calm, Rippled, Smooth, Slight, Moderate, Rough, Very Rough, High,
Very High, Phenomenal.
Notes: The choices are based on the beaufort scale describing sea states.
There are 10 different states so the
differences between adjacent entries are subtle. Perhaps too subtle for your
average diver? ;o)

Question 2. Would you consider it diveable?
Choices: Definitely yes, Yes, With care, With extreme care,  No, Suicide.
Notes: Should there be a distinction between boat and shore diving? Because
it is possible to boat diver when
shore diving is impossible. Perhaps we could add more choices here?

Question 3. How would you expect the conditions to change in the next few
Choices: Don't know, Remain the same, Get worse, Improve, Become diveable,
Become undivable.
Notes: This question is a forecast of how condition may change. Your
thoughts would be appreciated.

The last section allows you to enter a short text message.

So would this information allow you to establish a good idea of the conditions at St. Abbs? I am also going to functionality to allow you to add visibility reports and temperature reports, therefore what scales and divisions should be use? The WAP site will also give access to contact
details of local boat charter companies and accommodation, would you like any other information available on the system?

I lookforward to hearing your thoughts and idea.


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Sounds ok to me, as you said there should be a different answer for shore and boat diving query's, I think its a good idea!
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