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Waxing lyrical.

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In the old days I would have mentioned about ladies waxing their undercarriage but not no more. Nope, not me. I'm a changed person. I'm sticking to 'lyrical'.

One of my favourite bands is AC/DC and, despite being a guitar freak, I thought they came up with some quite clever lyrics. One from Problem Child springs to mind is "what I like I lick what I don't I kick" which, I can only assume refers to ice creams and buckets? Note: I believe this to be an adaption of the official song lyrics and only as sung on the live "If You Want Blood" album.

Anyway, the point is are there any lyrics that stick in your mind for whatever reason? It should be noted that I expect ALL Monty Python lyrics and scripts to be ..... "it's only a flesh wound" :) ...... remembered by all.
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