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In the never ending search for vis we went out of Dover aiming to dive on the Varne today, however after digging out some marks for a couple of subs and a wooden wreck full of plates i stopped paying attention. (Bit poor as i was driving the boat).

Anyway the others said "we fancy this sub- there's your route", so off we went, 10.5Nm later, we are well out in the channel (In the buffer zone between lanes).

2 sets of marks, both next to each other, good bump on the sea bed, shot in and OOOOH my god i can see down about 8m of line (only had 1m of vis yesterday on the Lusitania).

So we chucked all the others in, 35min later the first pair are up - sod all there, but you can see forever.

Anyway in me and my buddy go, he's doing a proper seasearch survey, i'm holding the reel and dsmb as we decide to drift a bit.

Now the channel off Dover is quite famouse for its strong currents, when you get between 2 of the prominent banks mid channel (The Varne and Le Colbart) it gets channeled even more, bloody hell i'm diving in a wind tunnel, but hey with 8m of vis, that will do me. At several points i've got my right arm burried up to the shoulder in the seabed to hold me, left holding the DSMB and reel, while he fills in the Seasearch information sheet, while lying in a dip.

What a roller coaster my profile 22m to 16m to 27m to 17m to 30m (all up, down and into (quite hard) ridges). Called it a day then as it was getting dodgey, but a great experience, even thought we had the sub at one point, but it was an old bhoy, probably from the WW1 Dover barrage.

With 8m vis, tomorrow, we'll be back.


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