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<font color='#000080'>Right, now I was looking at the Stoney thread (PLanned trips in case any of you could have possibly missed it) and wondered what the longest thread ever was?

Is 33 pages the longest? There are hundreds of replies to the thing, and thousands of views, have we got a new record? That would be cool. I think if everyone turns up we may have the largest YD gathering ever, but I want more records.

Is there some record for the largest number of people to meet up and dive from t'internet? I want to know. Because I want to be famous. Pop Idol turned me down. Damned Simon Cowell. Scared me away from the trials.

And I want a group photo. Digital would be nice, up on t'internet, go nicely on Andy's new picture pages.

Cna anyone tell I've finished my exmas before anyone else and I've been boozing on my own? On my own! 2 bottles of wine gone, and now I want shandy. Yay!

Just asking like.
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