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When THE train is coming will we have time to buy a ticket?

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If we haven't then will we get kicked off? Perhaps seats are reserved for some? Maybe I wont be allowed on until I manage to correctly punctuate my thread titles. :(

Have I ever mentioned before that I love Jimi Hendrix's music? :) I haven't yet bought his new album (released 40 years after he died) but, well, I think I'm going online to buy it now.

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Thoroughly ashamed to admit I've not heard that one before and pretty big Jimi fan. Now someone pass the peace pipe :spliff:
The album is made up of previously unreleased recordings and was compiled in memory of the 40th anniverary of Jimi's death.

Valleys of Neptune - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Finally remembered to bring the plastic to work so have just bought Valleys of Neptune online. :) :)

Oh, and Foreigner, Can't Slow Down.
Oh, and AC/DC, Black Ice.
Oh, and AC/DC, Back Tracks 2 CD box set (not with amp).
Oh, and EC & Steve Winwood, Live from Madison Square.
Oh, and ordered the Avatar DVD.

Oh, oh dear. I spent more than I meant to.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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