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Which Dive Computer?

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  I have had a suunto stinger and want to upgrade to something that is a little "more", I still want it to show the time when asked but want a computer that has more applications for use as my diving experience increases. I do like air integrated computers ( vytec and aladin air z 02 ) but the vr2 has a alot more on offer in the later stages of diving.
  Anyway does anyone have any suggestions?

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I've got a Vyper which is nice and does everything I want it to do. But then my old backup computer decided to permanently sulk so I thought I'd treat myself at the Dive Show. Had a wander round the stands and finally had a play with the Quantum. The result? 149 quid lighter and a Quantum in my pocket.

So- diving with it- I have it right next to my Vyper so I can see at a glance a comparison between the 2. On a couple of ND dives the 2 computers showed virtually the same thing with the Quantum being slightly more conservative than the Vyper. Didn't run them into deco so could not tell you what it was like then. Anyway, throughout the dive I found the Quantum easier to read than the Suunto which considering the Suunto has a very clear interface is pretty good going.

Quantum plusses:
2 mixes
Very clear display
Counts down the stops in seconds
Will do everything the Vyper will do and some
Easy to use

and the minusses:
Short strap for my chunky arms
No scratch screen available yet
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shades said:
Fit a strap extension £2.50
The cover for the viper fits a treat.
Too late for the strap extension cover as I've tie wrapped the whole thing to a wrist slate (and very neat that is too).
I have a spare Vyper cover- am off to fiddle right now :)
OK am back from fiddling and I'm buggered if I can see how that fits. Any hints?
shades said:
Mine fits a treat. The strap over one.

If you have problems with PC link (The part number is: AP0463)

Just got 10 on order today.
Ah the guard like the Lumb Bros one rather than the one that comes with the computer. I see. Will give Wally a call tomorrow and get sworn at.

Thanks for the help. Have a green tip for your trouble.
shades said:
Will have the pc links for the Apex in a dive shop in Notts very soon Woz.

Yes the Lumb one.
I already have a YD home made download thingy for my Vyper so won't need the Apeks one. Which shop in Nottingham BTW?
1 - 5 of 169 Posts
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