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Which Dive Computer?

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  I have had a suunto stinger and want to upgrade to something that is a little "more", I still want it to show the time when asked but want a computer that has more applications for use as my diving experience increases. I do like air integrated computers ( vytec and aladin air z 02 ) but the vr2 has a alot more on offer in the later stages of diving.
  Anyway does anyone have any suggestions?

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If you like to Mosquito why not go for the Vyper. Same functionality (is that even a word) but bigger :)

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I just got myself a Vytec (first dive with was on sunday). I moved from the Cobra because I got nervous having all my eggs in one basket. Could have run gauges and cobra, but I felt that would be too cluttered. Now I have my Vytec I can have back up gauges etc, and hopefully next year I will do the courses to make the gas switching useful :) I would be hesitant recommending a hose mounted air integrated computor for this reason.

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