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  • VYTEC?

    Votes: 92 29.9%
  • NEXUS?

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  • VR3?

    Votes: 75 24.4%
  • VR2?

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    Votes: 5 1.6%

    Votes: 58 18.8%
  • Other - Please state which?

    Votes: 75 24.4%
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Diving Dude said:
l bought a Vytec with integrated sensor, what a waste of dosh.
l bought it with the view that you could use it for accelerated deco, well on a recent dive to 57mtrs it went from reading 70 bar to 300 bar before it stopped reading the contents.

Also what's the point of having a three gas changes when it's not a trimix computer?
bottom gas 1, air
deco gas 2, o2

bailout gas 3, 50%

One or two more ways to use it, if you think about it

Steve G

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Mark Chase said:

Air intigrated in not my thing so I wont coment on that.

Like Howard I have a VR3 which is the best tec diving computer on the market. However its dammed expensive and not everybody wants to dive trimix past normoxic levels.

Prior to getting the VR3 I did a lot of deco diving down to 45m-50 using the Vytec. If you look at deco profiles on Decoplanner using elevated 02 mix for deco you can use 20-30% HE in back gas and it does not add to deco. In most cases it reduces deco. I stress again that you must use elevated 02 for deco to get this advantage.

As a result I dived for two years using the Vytec and a mix like 23/25 back gas 32% and 80% for deco on dives like the Moldavia. It worked fine for me but I ended up adding deep stops to the profile manually (rather like I do with the VR3)

Dive planning on the Vytec is a PITA so use Decoplanner set to 20/80GF and you get a run time that’s near as damit the same. There is a lot of good diving in the 30-50m deco range and the Vytec covers it reasonably well. Past that you need a VR3.


Mark Chase
Dont you just love it when someone know,s what they're talking about,

thanks mark

Steve G
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