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Which Dive Computer?

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  I have had a suunto stinger and want to upgrade to something that is a little "more", I still want it to show the time when asked but want a computer that has more applications for use as my diving experience increases. I do like air integrated computers ( vytec and aladin air z 02 ) but the vr2 has a alot more on offer in the later stages of diving.
  Anyway does anyone have any suggestions?

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vyper - but i wish it was a vytec..

My computer is definitely my favourite bit of kit! I have a vyper as someone in the club had his son's one (who had given up diving) and wasn't going to use it and sold it cheap! At the time i thought it would be more than adequate for the diving i would be doing, but now i wish i had got a vytec, with the gas switching, as i am diving on nitrox only since my bend.
Love the user friendly buttons and display, very visible, easy to understand, all info on one screeen, one of the newer bubble algorithms, plus user changeable batteries, robust yet relatively streamlined.

Best advice i was given was: Buy the best you can afford, and a computer that will cover all the diving you will be likely to be doing, so that it will last you as long as possible.
My advice: all of this, but buy something you feel comfortable with the layout, size, etc, plus go for wrist mounted rather than console (my personal preference!), plus have a back up table and depth guage/bottom timer...

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1 - 1 of 169 Posts
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