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  • VYTEC?

    Votes: 92 29.9%
  • NEXUS?

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • VR3?

    Votes: 75 24.4%
  • VR2?

    Votes: 2 0.6%

    Votes: 5 1.6%

    Votes: 58 18.8%
  • Other - Please state which?

    Votes: 75 24.4%
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a trusty Apeks Quantum,
scratched to bits and very cheapo,
but does 2 gases with switching and full deco-
just one step below trimix full-gas monsters, only £200.
"made" by Apeks no less

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Suunto mosquito

I had a suunto mosquito for about 4 years was a great till recently. My computer failed. It told me the wrong depth at 22meters it told me 35 meters. Got back to surface it still read 11 meters. waters temp 9 cel.

I have been told it's how the battery was disperse and got something put into where the battery sits. Working allright again. Is that why?

Got a gekko, now I use the two computers.


In the sea you are not at the top of the food chai
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Got Cressi Archimede II

Upgraded from my Uwatec Aladin Pro Ultra. Its a twin gas computer.

mmm cake shall i eat it or throw it? he he
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I hada stinger for years bomb proof bit of kit and nice to wear out too! Im an older chap now and under water my longsightedness makes it harder to read the stinger so got a vytec from the dive show and after the first 3 dives it wouldnt go out of dive mode no matter what i tried (cleaned the contacts etc) so took it back got a replacement and it is vey very good.Does all my deco diving requirements and i can see the bloody thing too!
161 - 169 of 169 Posts