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Which wet suit for Southern Red Sea in August?

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I was one of the unfortunate people who missed their diving liveaboard, with Tony Backhurst, 2 weeks ago due to the Volcanic Ash (No Fly) problem. Fortunately, and with many thanks to Tont Backhurst who couldn't have been more helpfull, I and my fellow divers have rebooked to go on the St John's trip from August 4th - 11th. My dilemma is: What wet suit/protection will I need for that time of the year. I was all set up with my 5mm semidry but I think that may be too warm for August with a projected 32 degrees water temp.

So - what kind of wet suit / protection will I need for the Southern Egyption Red Sea in August?

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I would say there is no single answer - it depends on how many dives a day you will be doing, how long each dive will be and how much you feel the cold.

I was unfortunate enough to be left in Hurghada because of the ash ;) During week one I was doing two long dives a day and was plenty warm enough in 5mm +1mm "skin" +hood in 24 - 25degC. During week 2 I was getting chilly doing the same thing 3 times a day.

For 32degC, hmmm does it really get that warm? Anyway I'd take a full 3mm suit 1mm undersuit and hood.

I did Northern Reefs & Wrecks in October, water temp was if i remember correctly around 25 deg. I wore a 3mm long on its own for the majority of the dives and added a 1mm vest on a couple of the early morning dives before the sun had really come up. I usually feel the cold quite a bit but was perfectly warm enough. There were a few on the boat in shorties.
And as one who doesn't feel the cold so much my summer red sea attire is more like a 1mm vest and a pair of shorts with a 3mm suit towards the end of the week just to prove I own one.
When i was diving in thailand, water temp 30 degrees i was going 4-5 60+min dives a day in board shorts and a rash vest.
St Johns is going to be warm but not 32 degree water, try maybe 28 possibly 29.

Id go for single piece 5mm full.
As mentioned above, it really depends.

I was diving in August in Sharm in 5mm shorty - it was "OK", but not "nice and warm" after 3rd dive. I am planning to take 5mm full this year.
I normaly do the red sea at this tine of the year.
Rash vest and shorts.
3mm shorty for the night dives.
If you feel the cold a bit take a 3mm shorty with vest and hood for the day toped over with a 3mm semmi full for night dives.
It depends on how badly you feel the cold but out there a major consideration has to be stings & scrapes. A 3mm full length should be OK. That's what we'll be wearing at the end of May (booked) and also later in the year (fingers crossed) and neither of us is carrying much bioprene.
We will each be taking a 1mm full length 'exposure suit' as back up but have previously only used 'em for snorkelling off the hotel jetty. We've never felt the need for a hood & gloves are not allowed by most agencies.
BTW: revenge is sweet i.e. watching the fish suddenly turn on a blue jellyfish & tear it to pieces.
On a southern itinerary you can get up to 4 dives a day including night dives. I personally always wear a full length suit to protect my skin from the little stinging things but would be fine with a 3mm. And don't forget, it's going to be mega hot inbetween dives, so it's not like you won't be warming up in the sun too!
which suit

I am doing the norvern wrecks tour in mid June. I am taking a 3mm full suit.
I don't have much bioprene. I expect to be fine.
You could always dive the 5mm but if you are too warm unzip yourself to encourage flushing.
I have yet to be too warm, 7mm semi in 30'c maldives - comfortable (just) :D
I would suggest a 3mm full length more if you feel the cold. I dived a 3mm shorty last Jan and Aug in Egypt and was fine, at least in Aug the sun warms you up in between dives
I did this itinerary in aug a couple of years ago. Spent the whole week in shorts and a rash vest but had a 3mm shorty just in case. Water was lovely and never felt cold - just watch out for strong currents and fire coral!
Typhoon XTS Pulse 3mm suit with 2mm arms and 4 way stretch. Bargain at about £50 from Underwater world. Just done lots of 2.5hr plus dives in 28C with it and it is perfect for those conditions. Did a couple of dives in trunks and a tee shirt and that was fine as well, though I did twitch a bit when I saw a cloud of jellyfish approaching! :)
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