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taken from Divernet...

'Diver escapes wobbegong shark snack attack'

There was no such excuse for the 5 foot long Australian wobbegong shark
which made a meal of a 29-year-old diver Jai Hennessy on St Paul's wreck,
off Cape Moreton, Queensland. "Jai was bitten on the bollocks" explained
skipper Trevor Jackson, in true no nonsense Aussie-style. "He was bleeding
quite a bit and will probably need some stitches." Quite what Hennessy was
doing to inspire a usually placid wobbegong to attack his crotch has yet to
be disclosed, but the shark made a lasting impression "It bit right through
his wetsuit - there's still a tooth left behind," added Jackson helpfully.

Anyone not terminally put off the idea of diving with sharks by this tale
can check out the new Swimming with Sharks section on the website.

Ben could've been right afterall!

Ian (at work)
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