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To all divers who now or in the future might be considering diving in Windermere.

PLEASE PLEASE keep out of the bay areas to the east and south of Wray Castle on the western side of the lake. The reason being that this has been officially designated as a scientifically sensitive site by English Nature specially in order to preserve the sediment structures as well as the aquatic life living in the lakeshore areas.   Actually it is deep dark dangerous and with nothing of interest to a diver.
The Freshwater Biological Association have also requested in the most polite but strongest terms that divers do not disturb the sediments in those areas.
Various groups have scanned that area with sonar for many years nothing of interest to us has ever been detected.
Divers have searched that area years ago, even using Magnetometers, and nothing of interest has been found.
Boats and barges have been found in other parts of the lake but certainly no aircraft.

When diving any area of the lake (or lakes) try not to disturb the sediment not only because it ruins your immediate visibility but because this destroys the valuable record (pollen grains etc) for assessing both the history of the lake and the local landscape, as well as the level of pollutants.
If divers disturb the sediment the disturbance could release some of the unwanted chemicals back into the lake water instead of locking them up out of harms way.
Certain areas are also protected from disturbance because the Arctic Char, a declining breed of fish could have its breeding grounds destroyed by sediment disturbance.

We as divers have enough bad press so please don't add to it.

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Yes I know, relation to the Salmon yum yum?
That restriction is more a request.
After checking sediment growth per year with the FBA they asked me why I would like to know.......and they then kindly asked the request.
The last thing we need as divers is bad press.
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