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Just back from a trip to South West France as a short business trip plus some holiday time.  Managed a dive at the seaside report of "Grande Motte" (no please - its too obvious thank you), near the lovely city of Montpellier.
Sad to report back vis was about 3m and chuff all to see.  Like most of the med there are some wrecks, but weather was too rough.
This was my first attempt at this venue and I had hoped for a nice winter retreat - this aint it.
On the plus side the dive shop was good - the boat excellent and they have EAN and Trimix!!  I will go again in the spring.  The guy suggests that April onwards is good.
One point if you are going to France you need a medical no more than 12 months old (if they ask for it the guys at Motte didn't bother with this or C cards etc..)  If you rent a tank over there most of them seem to be dual outlet H valves.  This is good for deeper stuff IMHO.
BTW if you want to buy a tank like this the big French sports supermarket chain Decathlon sells them, but not O2 clean.
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