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Hopefully the mods wont mind this.

A friend of mine, Dianne Strong who I first met when diving Truk around 2007 has been working for many years on a biography on Kimiou Aisek. For those that haven't heard of Kimiou, he's a bit of of a legend and pretty much put Truk on the map.

Anyhow, Dianne has been struggling for many years to get funding to publish the book and has now set up a Kickstarter camapign. She's reached 75% of the target with two weeks left to go. If you're interested in donating (there are various levels of donation and reward) I know it will will be greatly appreciated.

A portion of any profits are going towards the new museum at the BL dive shop in Truk.

Witness to War: Truk Lagoon?s Master Diver Kimiuo Aisek by Dianne Strong — Kickstarter


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