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Somebody want to fill in the blank for that one?

Sounds like my kind of crowd, I'll go grab myself a beer
This is an amusing tale but you really needed to be there .... at about 2am after some refreshment and a good meal, and to have cheated death with 12 others in the Dude's Landy.

The story, as I recall it, is a little different to how it's reported and the reported version *is* a lot more vulgar.

That said, you need to get on a gig and have your own war stories rather than revive my drunken ramblings over two years later :D I can highly recommend them ..... the gigs that is ... not my drunken ramblings ;)

Come to think of it, what is the big YD gig this year?

On a side note and because I am sure the individual concerned is not following this thread, I made another of my "classics" at the Farnes gig last year that has had a detrimental affect on the lives of one of the divers who heard it. They sent me a pm the other day explaining their plight and I have to say it's rare to actually laugh out loud at a pm, but that's what I did. Priceless!!

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