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In 2009, Declan Devane set the first Guinness World Record for the “Longest Cold Salt-Water Scubadive” (open sea) and in doing so both he and the team raised over £28,000 for children’s cancer charities.

Declan set a time of 11hrs and 42mins without surfacing and without toilet breaks (unless that wasn’t water in his suit!).

In February of this year, 2012, a Maltese team broke this record after their second attempt by less than 1 hour.

This October 9th, Paul Devane (Declan’s brother) will attempt to reclaim the record.
Paul will attempt to reclaim the record in aid of two important charities:

What primarily sets this dive apart from others is the fact that the attempt will take place in open, cold sea (the Atlantic ocean off the west coast of Ireland). Unlike many tank/aquarium/pool dives, this dive takes place in an uncontrolled natural environment and will expose the divers to the elements for a prolonged period.

We are diving in beautiful but cold Atlantic waters (temperature will be less than 15 degrees centigrade) in no less than 11 metres at low tide and the attempt diver, Paul Devane, will not be permitted to break the surface of the water for the duration of the attempt.

The Guinness World Record™ for the world’s ‘Longest open saltwater SCUBA dive’ will take place in Scubadive West, Killary Fjord, Galway, Ireland.

Please like our Facebook page for updates on the record attempt, or to simply get in touch!

- Damien Devane

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