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WTD: Apeks Suit Inflation Nipple

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I am in need of a Apeks Suit Inflation Nippe, like the one pictured below, for my drysuit as somehow I have managed to loose mine. I had it on the dive, then when I came to rinse off my suit it was gone, so it will be somewhere on the entry or carpark :(

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If you've got a spare one laying around, or one from a duff inflator valve please PM me.

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there about 2 quid mate just buy one
You can buy them induvidually? I thought they only came with the valves?
You can buy them induvidually? I thought they only came with the valves?
Yup, just contact your LDS. We're in the process of standardising all our club drysuits at the moment so we only have to have one set of hoses on club regs.
PM me your name and address and I'll send you one for free.
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I'd check you'd not done more damage to your infator... It would be very hard to just loose one of these without it being pulled out... good luck with your quest.
If you haven't damaged your inflator just bear in mind that you can get 2 types of fitting so make sure you get the right one for your hose.

Have a look at this for more info Apeks Drysuit Valves
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The one I am after is the one to the left, as per original picture. After following your link I think it's called a Apeks CJEN Coupling. That sound right?

It's not the standard BCD inflator connector, I know that.
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