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THE Global environmentally friendly digital diving magazine with a difference! Mouthwatering images, beautifully laid out with original stories.

It's free, it makes you think, it's online and you can now download it to your iPad. http://www.xray-mag.com/Issuearchive
X-Ray covers diving all over the World.

Some of the main features and highlights in this issue include;

X-Ray #40

• Gozo
Editor Scott Bennett takes us on an adventure to Malta's Gozo Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Catch a glimpse of underwater heaven at a location steeped in thousands of years of history, which you can walk through - from ancient ruins to medieval fortresses, it's all here, complimented by exquisite Mediterranean cuisine.

• Florida Panhandle - life after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
The dive operators are so back in business and ready to take your orders. In fact, they were never out of business, but they suffered some bad press. In this article, we get it right from the horse's mouth.

• The American Channel Islands
Matthew Meier takes us on a guided tour of one of the star attractions in his home state of California. Between the towering strands of the majestic kelp forest, through which the sun's rays dance, we find a unique universe of colorful creatures.

• Wrecks of Kwajalein
Kwajalein is well known in the wreck diving community for the many Japanese ships that were sunk there during World War II, and as the resting place of the historic German cruiser, Prinz Eugen, which sank there after the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll in 1946. Text and photos by Bill Remick.

• Kamchatka
Diving the land of volcanoes in Russia's far east. Andrey Bizyukin goes diving among seals, orcas, jellyfish and the incredibly abundant and diverse marine life found in this rugged and remote corner of the world. Of the more than 600 volcanoes on the planet, 160 of them are located on the peninsula of Kamchatka, and 30 of them are active.

• Ghost Fishing
Fishing nets lost at sea, caught on obstacles. Often a wreck on the sea floor keeps on fishing and ensnaring big and small creatures, becoming a death trap that persists for years. Peter Verhoog has the report from his trip to the North Sea.

• Photography - Shooting wrecks
Not all sunken ships are the same, as Joseph Dovala explains. Between the assemblage of marine life and the ships themselves there’s no shortage of photographic opportunities. The emphasis of this article is on bringing back meaningful images from inside the passageways and compartments — AND do it as safely as possible.

• Portfolio - Alex Vanzetti
Vanzetti recently received recognition for his photography at the 2010 Epson Red Sea Underwater World Shoot-Out in Eilat, Israel. Born in Leningrad, (now St. Petersburg, Russia) his stunning photographic work of the female form underwater is rapturous. As Valentine's Day approaches his photos bring to mind the magic and romance of the mermaid.

Plus our columnists... Bonnie McKenna's Turtle News, Whale Tales and Shark Tales from Kelly LaClaire, Valentines Gifts for Sea Lovers by Catherine GS Lim and Travel News from Scott Bennett.

Download your free copy of X-Ray Magazine here (file format: pdf)

X-RAY MAG #40 contains 106 speads (double pages).
Hi-res version is 29 Mb (96dpi pdf), low resolution version is compressed to 18 Mb (72dpi pdf)

►► Full Screen version of X-Ray Magazine - best resolution

►► X-Ray Magazine - compressed low-res version

►► iBook-version for iPad – uncompressed pdf

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The Ghost Fishing article seems very interesting indeed, never really thought about it until now. Certainly worth a look.
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