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THE Global environmentally friendly digital diving magazine with a difference! Mouthwatering images, beautifully laid out with original stories. It's free, it makes you think - just follow the link. http://www.xray-mag.com/Issuearchive

XRay covers diving all over the World.

Some of the main feature and hightlights in this issue include;

X-Ray #37


• From the Arctic to Antarctica, Greenland to Spitzbergen, read stories from the adventurous to the sublime in the polar regions: The Antarctic Peninsula by Michael Aw, Greenland Expedition by Morton Beier, The Russian Arctic and Diving the Central Arctic by Svetlana Murashkina.

• Göran Ehlmé: Waterproof's Polar Explorer. X-RAY MAG interviews Waterproof's co-founder and award-winning underwater photographer, a Swede who prefers the wild creatures and frigid waters of the Arctic over more tropical fare. (Seriously impressive mouthwatering images)!

• The Sunken Goose. Joseph Dovala takes us to a unique dive site off Catalina Island in California, USA, where the wreck of a charter plane went down in a dramatic 1979 crash and rescue, found decades later by local divers.

• Gulf Spill News. The largest oil spill in U.S. history has hit the Gulf of Mexico after the April 20 Deepwater Horizon rig explosion. It has affected every level of life in the sea... learn more about its effects on the marine ecology and the dive industry in the region.

• Shifting Baseline Syndrome. Researcher Christina Ward-Paige discusses our haunting shift in perception of what is 'natural' and 'pristine' in marine life populations compared to that of just over a half a century ago when fish and sharks and other marine species were several times more abundant.

• Are You Good On Air? TDI/SDI/CMAS Instructor Asser Salama discusses what accounts for huge differences in air consumption from lung capacity to bouyancy control to horizontal trim and more.

• Smoothhound shark. Life after the big spill... Shark expert and underwater photographer, Andy Murch, reflects upon what lies ahead for the elusive smoothhound shark, which he came to know under an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

• Why Digital? Lawson Wood helps discusses the ins and outs of shooting digital, what all those file types are and just what to do with them...

• Cruise Boat Diving. Giant step off a cruise boat? Learn from Mike Keleher about the benefits of choosing a cruise ship as the ultimate live-aboard for your next dive trip.

• Galapagos Tapestries. Award-winning Peruvian artist and master of the loom, Maximo Lauro, reveals his stunning series of hand-woven tapestries celebrating the unique and magical underwater world of the Galapagos Islands.

Plus our columnists... Robert Sterner's Book Log, Bonnie McKenna's Turtle News plus her interview with Legends of Diving author Pete Miller, and the Editorial and Travel News from Scott Bennett.

Happy reading!

Download your free copy of X-Ray Magazine here (file format: pdf)

►► Full Screen version of X-Ray Magazine - best resolution

►► X-Ray Magazine - compressed low-res version
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