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X-Ray is the first digital diving magazine and it's different. Mouthwatering images, beautifully laid out with original stories. It's free, it makes you think and it's online. Back Issues Back Issues | X-Ray Magazine

XRay covers diving all over the World.

Some of the main highlights in this issue include;

X-Ray #53

• Molnár János
EUROTEK stalwarts Antti Apunen and Janne Suhonen describe a surreal trip, an insider look at cave diving underneath Budapest

• Croatia's Murter Island
From the quaint, little fishing village of Jezera, discover Mediterranean diving in the Kornati Archipelago of 140 islands in the Adriatic with Andrey Bizyukin and Peter Symes

• Chuuk & Guam
Diving WWI and WWII wrecks in wreck junkie heaven with Brandi Mueller

• Hockey Under Ice
Christian Redl shows us the new sport of underwater hockey that is developing in Austria

• Maldives
Sumptuous diving in the Maldives with Scott Johnson.

• Mako Magic
Amanda Cotton gives us a glimpse of the splendid mako shark found off Rhode Island on the U.S. northeast coast

• Making the Shot
Aaron Wong tells us about his photo shoot in a Mayan cenote in Mexico.

• Learning Cave Diving
World record holder in deep diving, Pascal Bernabé, discusses the various stages and issues in learning how to dive in overhead environments.

• Mirrorless Camera Housings. Don Silcock discusses the housings being developed for the new mirrorless cameras.

Plus our columns... Equipment News, Turtle Tales, Shark Tales, Marine Mammals with Kelly LaClaire, Books and Media, Travel News, and more...

Download your free copy of X-Ray Magazine here (file format: pdf)

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